Frans Pennings is professor of labour law and social security law at Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Utrecht University

Newtonlaan 201

3584 BH Utrecht

tel (31)(0)302537258

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Nieuwe publicaties

F. Pennings (2020), ‘The discussion on the revision of the coordination rules of unemployment benefits – a battlefield between East and West’, 22(2) European Journal of Social Security 2020, p. 148–162.

Pennings, F.J.L. (2020). Commissie Borstlap en de sociale zekerheid. Tijdschrift Recht en Arbeid, 12 (6/7), (pp. 11-17) (8 p.).

Essers, Ger & Pennings, F.J.L. (2020). Gaps in social security protection of mobile persons: Options for filing these gaps. European Journal of Social Security, 22 (2), (pp. 163-179) (17 p.).

Essers, Ger & Pennings, F.J.L. (2020). Mobiele werknemers tussen wal en schip: hoe een brug te slaan?. Tijdschrift Recht en Arbeid, 12 (1), (pp. 3-9) (7 p.).

Pennings, F.J.L. (2020). The Special Position of Agreements by Social Partners in EU Law. In Madeleine de Cock Buning & Linda Senden (Eds.), Private Regulation and Enforcement in the EU - Finding the Right Balance from a Citizen's Perspective (pp. 37-56) (20 p.). Oxford: Hart Publishing.


Teun Jaspers, Frans Pennings, Saskia Peters (eds)

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