Frans Pennings

Curriculum vitae


On 1 September 2008 Frans Pennings was appointed Professor of Labour Law and Social Security Law at Utrecht University. Logo Universiteit Utrecht

After obtaining his doctoral degree in Dutch Language and Literature (Modern Linguistics) Frans Pennings received his degree in Dutch law in 1985, specialization Social Law. In 1990 he won his doctorate from Utrecht University with the thesis ‘Benefits of Doubt. A Comparative Study of the Legal Aspects of Employment and Unemployment Schemes in Great-Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands’. Subsequently he was successively assistant professor, associate professor and full professor at the University of Tilburg. In 2003 he was also appointed Professor of European and Comparative Social Security Law at this university.

Together with Professor Janneke Plantenga he is currently programme leader of the academic research programme regarding life course arrangements that is funded by the Stichting Instituut Gak (Foundation Institute Gak). This programme looks into questions regarding the need for life course arrangements and life course arrangements in relation to mobility and the labour market. These themes are also studied from a European and international perspective. Frans Pennings is also programme leader of the research programme Europe and Social Security of the Institute Gak at the University of Tilburg.

Europa Institute

Frans Pennings is one of the board members of the Europa Institute. The Institute consists of three research departments: European Law, Public Economic law and Social Security law and has expertise in several areas of European Law. On the basis of this broad expertise, the Europa Institute specializes in two subjects: Market Regulation and Citizenship. In addition, the institute functions as a platform to bring expertise in European Law together. The institute collaborates with other research departments within the Law department and with researchers from other disciplines (e.g. Utrecht University School of Governance, Utrecht University School of Economics, Social and Behavourial Science and Humanities). Furthermore, the Europa Institute participates in several international academic networks in the field of European Law.

The Europa Institute carries out contract research for companies, various organizations, the Dutch government and European institutions. The Europa Institute uses its expertise to provide in-company courses to professionals on the request of private and public parties. The Institute has developed into a leading centre of knowledge and expertise with regard to European Law, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Periodically, the Europa Institute organizes Europa lectures, a series of lectures and conferences in which European law is linked to governmental, business and societal practice. These Europa Lectures are eventually published as Working Papers and are available on the website of the Europa Institute.

Department of labour law

Frans Pennings (chair)

Albertine Veldman (associate professor)

Ivo van der Helm (assistant professor)

Christianne Kramer (assistant professor)

Susanne Heeger (assistant professor)

Teun Jaspers (emiritus professor)

Caroline de Groot (Ph D student)

CV Frans Pennings

1982         Master’s degree in Dutch language and literature  
1985         Master’s degree in law
1990         PhD defense at Utrecht University: Benefits of Doubt. A                       comparative study of the legal aspects of employment                       and unem­ploy­ment schemes in Great-Britain, Germany,                   France and the Netherlands (published by Kluwer Law                       International).  
2014  Honorary doctorate Gotenburg University

1985 - 1987       central coordinator  of science shops of Utrecht University
1985-  1990       PhD research at Utrecht University
1990 - 1995       assistant professor at Tilburg University
1995 - 2008       associate professor at Tilburg University
2003 - 2012       professor of  international social security law at Tilburg University
2002-  2008      professor of European and Comparative social security    at  Utrecht University
2008 -                professor of Labour Law and Social Security Law at Utrecht University
2011 -                visiting Professor at Gothenborg University  (Sweden)

 Other current Jobs  and Positions

1997 -               member (on call) of the Central Appeals Court
                          (highest Court in civil servants’ law and social security law)
1993 -                lecturer at SSR (Study centre of judiciary)
2003   -  2008   Member of Office of European Institute of Social Security
2008 -    2014   President of Levenbach institute
2011 -                Chair person of Institute of International and European Law at Utrecht University

Member of editorial boards

1999    -              Founding editor of 
European Journal of Social Security
2009 -                 Chair person) of editorial board of Tijdschrift voor recht en arbeid
2007  -                Member advisory council of Maastricht Journal of European and                           Comparative Law
PhD projects supervised by Frans Pennings

Maaike Wienk, Europese coördinatie van aanvullende pensioenen 1999 (with prof A. Jacobs)
Mijke Houwerzijl, De Detacheringsrichtlijn, 2005 (with prof. W. Fase)
Minna van Gerven, The Broad Tracks of Path Dependent Benefit Reforms, 2008
(with  prof. W. van Oorschot)
Jeroen Denkers, The World Trade Organization and Import Bans in Response to Violations of Fundamental Labour Rights, 2008 (with  prof. W. van Genugten)
Ivo van der Helm, De privacybescherming van de zieke werknemer, 2008  (with prof. T. Jaspers)
Linda Lanting, Sociale zekerheid van ambtenaren en overheidswerknemers (2009) (with prof. J. Riphagen)
Tineke Dijkhoff,  International Social Security Standards in the European Union. The cases of the Czech Republic and Estonia (2011). 
Susanne Heeger-Herrter, Inkomensbescherming bij levensloopactiviteiten. Een onderzoek naar de Werkloosheidswet en spaarregelingen(2012).

Maria KordaThe Role of International Social Security Standards. An in-depth study through the case of Greece  (2013)

Kim Hermans, De  WW en nieuwe sociale risico's. Internationaalrechtelijke grenzen aan hervormingsvoorstellen (2014)

Current PhD projects (working titles)
Caroline de Groot, Life cycle arrangements and job mobility
 Saskia Montebovi,  Activation and privisation of social security and cross border movement
Hatice Caglayankaya, Coordination of social security for Turkish nationals

Kai Liu, Health and safety legislation in China

see PhD projects