European Labour Law

August 2019 | Paperback € 95 |

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SBN 9781780687049

This book provides for a comprehensive overview of the various areas of European labour law: fundamental rights, free movement of workers and posting, equal treatment, a-typical forms of employment,collective bargaining and collective agreements, restructuring of enterprises and health and safety.



Chapter 1 European Labour Law – An Introduction, Frans Pennings and Saskia Peters

Chapter 2 Free movement Mijke Houwerzijl Herwig Verschueren,

Chapter 3 Equal Treatment Mark Bell and Ann Numhauser-Henning

Chapter 4 Atypical forms of employment. Sophie Robin-Olivier and Antonio Lo Faro

Chapter 5    Collective bargaining in EU Law Teun Jaspers

Chapter 6. Restructuring of companies Niklas Bruun and Sylvaine Laulom

Chapter 7 Workers’ participation Pascale Lorber and Teun Jaspers

Chapter 8 Occupational health and safety and working time. Edoardo Ales and Jan Popma

Chapter 9      European Labour law: the Result of Conflicting Norms and Interests Frans Pennings

Special issue: Social Market Economy

Utrecht law review


How do Social and Economic Rights Relate to Each Other in the Social Market Economy: An Introduction to this Special Issue Frans Pennings

(Re) Conceptualising a Social Market Economy for the EU Internal Market, Jotte Mulder

Shaping the Social Market Economy After the Lisbon Treaty: How ‘Social’ is Public Economic Law?, Anna Gerbrandy, Willem Janssen, Lyndsey Thomsin

The ‘Social Market Economy’ in a (Heterogeneous) Social Europe: Does it Make a Difference?, Catherine Barnard, Sybe de Vries

Equal Treatment of Mobile Persons in the Context of a Social Market Economy, Catherine Jacqueson, Frans Pennings

Social Pensions and Market Values: A Conflict?, Quentin Detienne, Elmar Schmidt

The Relevance of the Concept of the Social Market Economy: Concluding Observations on the Contributions in this Special Issue, Frans Pennings